Salsa Tip #207 : Take your greasy hands off of me!

This actually doesn't even have to be a tip – just a little consideration coupled with common sense. There have been times I have gone to the club and seen males (and females) be devouring greasy food (wings, pizza, cheese sticks… or fried coconut shrimp with sauce) and then they go out to dance!

People, napkins don't take off the grease – thats why there are bathrooms with soap! And thats why you need soap to get oil + grease out - because water + oil DON'T MIX. Basic Chemistry.Here is why this is a problem. Everyone that goes to a salsa club to dance, likes to dress nice. Some us actually don't shop at the Salvation Army or Goodwill for our club shirts.

I usually like to go to GAP, Banana Republic, AX, and ExpressMen for my Salsa shirts – and only use them at salsa clubs. Therefore, we would like to take care of these clothes and not get them greasy or dirty intentionally. Accidents do happen, for sure, but those are far, few in-between. This goes for both men and women going to a salsa clubs.

Now, I saw a fellow dancer at a club. I started to approach her to say high, but then I realized she was eating - so I started to back away (and come back later). She noticed me walking away and said her hello and 'lets go dance!'. In my head I was like 'Oh God no' because I saw how greasy her hands were from eating some nasty stuff. I kindly stated that maybe later because I didn't want to interrupt her meal (of course I used that as an excuse in a way of not saying no) - but she said it was no problem smiling. She went ahead and licked her fingers and used a napkin as the method for 'cleansing'. So I was stuck in this predicament – my only solution, dance the whole dance in open-partner position and limit my combinations.Another thing I find bothering, and disgusting if I may add – I am a big hygiene guy. I wash my hands all the time (I take 2 showers a day - I rather be clean, than smell stinky and dirty). However, when I got to the bathroom at a salsa clubs – LADIES – you would not imagine how many guys just walk out without washing their hands! I sometimes feel good for the ladies that forget that people actually go to the bathroom at a salsa club.

So please everyone – be considerate! Help conserve our clothes and our health!