Salsa Vintage : Our Latin Thing..

I have come to realize that the videos that I have come to enjoy the most are the ones that provide me an emotional connection to the past of salsa. Sometimes I wonder if this is my 'second' life since somehow watching these vintage videos makes me flashback to a time I was never born.This video shows you a little more about the history of salsa. Selling Puerto Rican food cooked by the community. No big stage for the band. The crowd is all on the streets listening and feeling the music. The performers are playing on the small steps to a church. This is part of the old essence of the culture of salsa. The People's Salsa. Not commercialized. Powerful lyrics. The singers are still human, while iconic. In a time when Latino immigrants came to New York to find a better life, there always remained a sense of 'no matter what, we still have each other'.