More Random Stuff : Might Morphin' Salsa Ranger.. [Updated]

As you know, we ended up going to Los Angeles (2007) West Coast Salsa Congress a couple of weeks ago. To my surprise, I ended up meeting someone that I 'knew' from my childhood. As you can already tell, I used to watch this show called the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - old kid's tv show where these teenagers had special powers to do some ninja butt-kicking. Anyways, to my surprise at the salsa congress - the Black Power Ranger now does salsa! His name is Walter Jones (known as Zack in the MMPR). I got a chance to meet him and talk to him for a bit on the saturday night event.Who would have imagined? Well after doing a little more research, it ends up being he is pretty big in the LA Salsa scene. Even so - they were the 2004 Mayan World Salsa Champions! Impressive! I have a deep respect for people who support salsa. And for an actor (celebrity) to also be very supportive of the salsa scene requires great praise from all of us. It more than what most do.[Updated] You can see his mad ranger skills (aerials) here:</embed>