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Salsa Fusion: Descarga Caribe at Flavainvasion

The next video in the salsa fusion series comes from Descarga Caribe of Chicago. This performance was also from the Flava Invasion weekend, and is a combination of salsa and it's closely related cousin: Afro-Cuban dance. I've seen many Afro-Cuban performances, including ones combined with salsa, but this was by far the best one I have ever seen.

Salsa Pa' Navidad - Christmas with Salsa Music

Salsa Pa' Navidad - Christmas with Salsa Music

Now, this might not really be considered a salsa song, but I was impressed to find a Victor Manuelle as the Free Single of the Week on the (US) iTunes Music store. You can download it for free - Lechn, Lechn, Lechn - Single of the wee

Marc Anthony - El Cantante Movie Soundtrack

Marc Anthony - El Cantante Movie Soundtrack

Now, while the movie 'El Cantante' will not win any awards for Best Motion picture by husband and wife duo, there is much to be said for the soundtrack. You can't go wrong having Marc Anthony, with his terrific vocals, sing some of Hector's best songs. They have been remastered and cleared up and are always a perfect gift if you haven't figured out what to give to that special salsa dancer of yours.

Salsa : Beyond the Roots - New York Times

I would like to send a thanks to Jan for sending me this link to this article. It talks specifically on the comparison of the salsa scenes portrayed in 'El Cantante' the movie compared to the salsa scenes of today. You can find the article here: Salsa Spins Beyond its Roots.

Jennifer Lopez on the Tonight Show about 'El Cantante'

Jennifer Lopez on the Tonight Show about 'El Cantante'

Well, just finished watching the interview by Jay Leno on the Tonight Show to Jennifer Lopez about the movie 'El Cantante'. She ends up speaking more about the movie. I guess the entire movie is told through Puchi's eyes, Hector Lavoe's wife. Now, I am impressed that she is on Leno doing a plug for the movie - which means it will be shown in most theaters. However, with that said, they showed a new clip of the movie, and well, to be truthful, the prospects are not looking good as far as storyline and character development.

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