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Learn Musicality for Latin Dancing

Learn Musicality for Latin Dancing

Here at addicted2salsa, we try (when we can) to contribute salsa news, videos and information that can hopefully improve your overall salsa dancing and social lifestyle. This weekend I found a good blog that DJDoubleC posted in our social site: the very recent Salsa-Musicality blog. I was very enthusiastic and impressed with the wealth of information that this author has posted and wanted to share some thoughts.

Learn to Play Salsa Piano with YouTube

I know it is much more difficult to learn through a YouTube video. However, if youtube salsa videos can help your dancing, I am sure salsa piano videos would help as well for you musicians out there. I get several video responses to our salsa dancing podcast episodes on YouTube. While I do get ads for 'lessons', I did find one in particular that was very interesting especially for people who are very much addicted to salsa and musicians. After finding this and many other videos - I have now made part of my addicted2salsa hobby. Hopefully there are enough salseros that are musicians that like to see these videos.Here is a musician playing with his keyboard with a track of Desnudate Mujer ("Lady, Undress yourself"), by Frankie Ruiz.A youtube user named 'latinpianist' has a youtube series to teach you how to play certain melodies on the piano. This next video shows him how to do a 'Son Montuno' with the piano.

Learn to Play Solo Percussion in Salsa Music

Regardless of whether you understand whats going on (or even how this video of a DVD tries to show you how to perform good percussion solos) - just listening to the solos are great! For those who dance On1 - , listen very carefully to the music here (because the clave and rhythm is isolated for you to hear). This is really what we (On2) dancers use in the music to dance to. You might say it sounds like cha-cha - are correct, but you dance Cha-Cha On2, and the same instrumental fundamentals of clave apply to Salsa/Mambo. That's why, people who dance salsa on2 can easily dance cha-cha correctly (and vice-versa) because all you are doing is replacing the pause with a cha-cha-cha step. There is no cha-cha On1 - it doesn't make sense because the cha-cha-cha happens on 4-and-5 and 8-and-1 in the music (just listen to it) - meaning your break happens on 2-3 and 6-7... just like in.... Salsa on2 :-).

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