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A video is worth 1000 words - On2 partially explained.

A forum member (Rumnet) found a great video by an instructor exaggerating the salsa basic step on2 timing. Again, if you haven't already check out the forum post "Salsa Technicals : On1 vs On2. The Difference ". This video shows the example of what I have been trying to explain in words. When dancing on2, the pause happens when your feet are apart - and therefore you actually have two whole counts to get your feet back together. While On1 and On2 are TECHNICALLY the same steps, the way they are EXECUTED are different.

The benefits of spinning On2 (salsa dancing)

I can just feel all the hate mail that is already headed my way. "Oh, here goes Anthony, talking about On2"... but before you hit that send button - first read the article.

On2 in a Month : The final chapter... todo tiene su final.

As you know, I started this program on Sept 1st, mainly to fix all the mistakes I felt I kept making. I felt I was not up to par with what I could be. I had gone to the Palm Springs salsa congress, and of course, realized that to dance with the best dancers, I had to dance on2. Not really sure why I they all danced On2, but I just knew it had to be done to play by their rules. Even though I usually have a problem with authority and rules, I decided I would be up for the challenge and make sure I became a better On2 dancer before the San Francisco salsa congress.

Basic Salsa Steps Table : Map On1 to On2 timing steps

Here is a useful table to help convert dancing salsa dancing On1 timing to On2 timing and its variants.

On2 in a Month : Start of Week Three

On2 in a Month : Start of Week Three

Well, it finally happened. I can dance on2 much better than I started. I really don't have to think about counting that much anymore (I do have my screw-ups, but I quickly realize and fix them). It happened this week. I went dancing every day except Monday for at least 2-3 hours (on2). But, guess what? I had to dance on1 with some ladies in the crowd - and OH MY... I couldn't. I literally forgot what on1 was. My feet didn't feel right, they didn't step in the right spots - I ended up autocorrecting myself to go back on2. I guess I've built the new 'on2' white blood cells and they are kicking the on1 cells out... in the words of Rodney King: Can't we just all get along?

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