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San Diego Salsa Festival Preview : Joel and Ana "Masacote"

Continuing our preview of the upcoming San Diego Salsa Festival, we have the amazing dancers of Sabor Masacote Dance Company. Joel and Ana Massicot (Masacote) provide an interesting new mix of salsa dance style since Joel comes from St. Croix (Virgin Islands) and Ana comes from Mexico. Sabor Masacote is a dance company comprised of six talented individuals that not only specialize in salsa (NY Style On 2), but also in other diverse dance disciplines, such as ballet, modern, and jazz. You can see a mix of all these dance styles in their choreography.And here is Joel and Ana themselves social dancing at the same congress in 2005. For those bound to ask, the song is called 'Salsa Buena' by Frankie Ruiz.

San Diego Salsa Festival Preview : Magna Gopal

I wanted to make a quick re-announcement on how great this year's San Diego Salsa Festival will be in September. This year we are extremely lucky to have Magna Gopal coming to teach and perform at the event. We have written numerous times about Magna before and her ability to spin, but I found a neat video showing her spinning over 45 times with Super Mario (not related to Nintendo).

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