The Joys of Spinning.... an age-old question.

I always wonder why is it that follows love spinning so much? (Which I guess could answer why they love dancing so too). I have danced as a follow (yes, contrary to popular belief :-) ) and I understand why its so much fun to be a follow when dancing - you don't really have to think , just follow and enjoy the ride. Does that sound simple? Well, it kind of is, when you compare it with being a lead in salsa. The only thing I can think that might come close to feeling the part of multiple spins (haven't been spun multiple times by a lead) is to relate it to something else. I'm thinking of the teacups at DisneyLand. Of course, this is unconfirmed until I become an amazing spinner and have a good enough of a leader to spin me multiple times - but until then - I can only dream. Maybe some ladies out there might voice their opinions.