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Learn Musicality for Latin Dancing

Learn Musicality for Latin Dancing

Here at addicted2salsa, we try (when we can) to contribute salsa news, videos and information that can hopefully improve your overall salsa dancing and social lifestyle. This weekend I found a good blog that DJDoubleC posted in our social site: the very recent Salsa-Musicality blog. I was very enthusiastic and impressed with the wealth of information that this author has posted and wanted to share some thoughts.

Learn Cha Cha Dancing for Beginners!

This video Cha Cha lesson of Addicted2Salsa will teach you the basics of Latin style cha cha dancing. We will go over the basic step of Cha Cha dance for beginners and instruct you with basic dance partnering.

Gatorade Ad with Serena Williams and Serena Cuevas

Gatorade and Serena Williams were looking to find an athlete named 'Serena' (for 'Serena' Williams) for their new promotional ad. Serena Cuevas, our San Diego salsera from Deseo Dance Company was chosen as the winner by a panel consisting of representatives from Shape magazine, Gatorade G2, and ReRe. You can see the ad campaign.

How do you know if she's faking it on the dance floor?

How do you know if she's faking it on the dance floor?

You are leading her through your best turn patterns, you seem to have a great connection, and she is smiling and laughing. That means she's having a great time right? But then how do we reconcile these comments... (taken from our discussion board) "When a guy makes a mistake I try to smile to give him encouragement." "I always smile, even when the guy isn't very fun to dance with. You never know what other guys are watching..." "Sometimes when a guy doesn't lead me correctly I laugh it off - it's best to have a sense of humor about our mistakes, right?" Now you might be saying:"AAAAhhhhhh but wait! I thought that smiling and laughing meant that my combos made her happy and she liked them and mean to tell me she's been FAKING IT??"While we are sure all of our visitors are great dancers, it is understood that we all should be polite to all dancer levels (beginners - advanced) in the salsa scene. However, to provide you with a more clear perspective on your performance, here are some surefire ways to tell that a follow really enjoys dancing with you whether it's for your combos, or just because she enjoys floor time with you, and isn't just pretending to have fun:

Beautiful Salsa Dancing : Amazing Musicality and Smoothness

This video is Oliver and Luda "performance social dancing" (non-choreography) to the famous song "Hacha y Machete". I'd like everyone to watch this video at least three times and pay attention to a few very important things. Enjoy the video on your first viewing of course! On your second, pay attention to the body movement. The song "Hacha y Machete" has a lot of detailed instrumentation, and Oliver, probably having heard and danced the salsa song many times, can showcase the minute detail of those instruments through his body movement. You can even see how his shimmies match the change in percussion rhythm in the song when they break apart (you might have to raise the volume to hear). On you third viewing, pay very close attention to his ability to control his movements perfectly in shines as well as in partner work. He is able to stop fast turns on "a dime", perform smooth yet controlled hand movements of his patterns without affecting Luda's balance, and his ability to stay on perfect timing. These are the types of dance attributes and techniques that all salsa dancer should hope to perfect, regardless of your style of salsa.

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