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Salsa Dance Lesson : Salsa at the Disco

Another quick episode of addicted2salsa podcast. Today we show you how to perform the famous "Salsa Disco" dance move using different amounts of spin. A lot of dancers get caught up in the fact about knowing very little moves, but in reality, by adding doubles and triples in their current salsa dance combination - they become almost new.

Top 5 Tips to Learn Salsa Dancing on Your Own

Most articles, forums, and videos emphasize these two ways to learn: in class and at the club. Yet there is so much more that you can do on your own to become a better dancer- no floor or partner necessary. Here are 5 tips to help you learn Salsa on your own, which will help you improve at a MUCH faster rate.1. MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE MIRROR- Practice body rolls against a wall or mirror, focusing on 'peeling yourself off of the wall'. For a downward roll, start with your head and follow with your chest, stomach, hips, and knees. For an upward roll, come back up with your knees, hips, stomach, chest and finally head. This will give you the muscle memory, and muscles in general, to do great body rolls while dancing.

Tito Puente 'Rey Del Timbal' Era Videos

Since we have started a new routine based on Tito Puete's Cuban Nightmare song, I decided to post a few videos of the late Tito Puente showcasing some of his live performances with his orchestra. It goes without saying he makes Puerto Rico extremely proud.

Top Female Dancer Contest in Los Angeles

It was Ladies Night in Los Angeles last weekend, and the feeling was definitely right! There were lots of talented dancers who entered the contest for Top Female Dancer at Steven's Steakhouse, here I give you a video with highlights of each of the finalists.

Top 5 Salsa Songs for Beginners that aren't boring!

Top 5 Salsa Songs for Beginners that aren't boring!

When we are learning to dance, whether as a beginner or more advanced learning a new move, it is nice to have simpler songs to dance to.

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