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SantoRico Performs "Gangsta"

Stumbling upon youtube videos again, one of our friends found this great performance by the Santo Rico dance team. I may not have mentioned them in a while, but here is a great find. They are some of the most amazing spinners you will ever see in performances throughout the world. One thing to notice, for us technical dancers, is that the men have a very unique prep that is circular, compared to the 'double-J' prep to lead multiple turns. Regardless, this is a must watch video for us looking for inspiration.

Salsa Pa' Navidad - Christmas with Salsa Music

Salsa Pa' Navidad - Christmas with Salsa Music

Now, this might not really be considered a salsa song, but I was impressed to find a Victor Manuelle as the Free Single of the Week on the (US) iTunes Music store. You can download it for free - Lechn, Lechn, Lechn - Single of the wee

Marc Anthony - El Cantante Movie Soundtrack

Marc Anthony - El Cantante Movie Soundtrack

Now, while the movie 'El Cantante' will not win any awards for Best Motion picture by husband and wife duo, there is much to be said for the soundtrack. You can't go wrong having Marc Anthony, with his terrific vocals, sing some of Hector's best songs. They have been remastered and cleared up and are always a perfect gift if you haven't figured out what to give to that special salsa dancer of yours.

World Salsa Championship 2007 Results - All Divisions

For those who did not attend this year - the World Salsa Championships were held in Orlando, Florida this year. Here are the results (very similar to last year - however with some new folks). For the latest scores for all divisions see 'Other sources' below.

2007 Dubai International Latin and Salsa Festival Recap

Well, I got a good email from a viewer that just mentioned that they just finished having their first Salsa Congress in Dubai! The event was from Nov 22nd - 24th, 2007....Wow. Dubai - all the way over there. Even near the desert there is still salsa. Here is the clip he sent in.

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