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Top 5 Salsa Songs for Beginners that aren't boring!

Top 5 Salsa Songs for Beginners that aren't boring!

When we are learning to dance, whether as a beginner or more advanced learning a new move, it is nice to have simpler songs to dance to.

New Salsa Dance Video Website!

New Salsa Dance Video Website!

We have just finished relaunching the Salsa Dance Lessons website to make it easier for everyone to view and download all the current and future episodes of the best salsa video website.

How to do Salsa Dips: the way the ladies like it

How to do Salsa Dips: the way the ladies like it

Since we have had several requests lately for instruction on dips, I though I would provide some female perspective. I asked some fellow salseras, and this is what I found.Our favorite kind of dip is a small one at the end of a song. By small, I mean the guys bring us into dipping position and we lean back slightly, but it looks more like a perpendicular hug, as seen in the picture to the left. This is an elegant ending to a nice dance.Our least favorite kind of dip ........

The On2 World Salsa Champions 2006

I finally started recovering from our trip to the 10th Annual Los Angeles Salsa Congress. While the event gets various mixed reviews this year, one workshop session I personally enjoyed was by the famous pair, the on2 World Salsa Champions: Oliver and Luda.

Cha-Cha social dancing in Puerto Rico Congress

While answering a few basic cha-cha dance questions in the forums, I found a great video that helped illustrate how you can lead different styled cross-body leads in cha-cha (where you can skip the cha-cha step).

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