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The Key Ingredients to Smooth Salsa Dance Spins

The Key Ingredients to Smooth Salsa Dance Spins

What makes salsa dancing so great for the ladies? Is it the beautiful styling which includes beautiful arms, isolations, and body rolls? Yes, styling is fun to do but that also can be found in many dances such as tango, flamenco, jazz. Can it be the ability to spin endlessly? The answer is yes. The great quality of dancing in salsa is doing multiple spins. This may be an opinionated answer, but there are many great female dancers which capture how spins can be one of the best aspects of salsa dancing. Here we will provide a few tips on how to improve your spins.

Another true classic - Devorame Otra Vez

Again, this is a true classic that every salsero/salsera must have hear at some point in their salsa life... This is another one of those songs that I grew up with and also taught myself salsa with (easy to find the downbeat).

The best salsa song of all time by Hector Lavoe

This is by far my favorite salsa song of all time: Alejate de Mí. This vintage video does not do full justice to the song, but if you find it on Apple Music or Spotify, I recommend that you listen to it completely.

Al LiquidSilver and Karla Espinoza (from LA)

Another great performers from Los Angeles, CA. They are some of the very best dancers in LA (and they host a lot of Congresses, including the Palm Springs Salsa Congress that I went to this past summer). Here you get to see them 'regular' dance. I mention it like that because you get to see the "LiquidSilver" that I like, with the cool body motions. I like their performances because they are fun to watch - more than just dancing, which always makes it more entertaining.

Salsa to Hip-Hop (Salvaje Style)

So, I've danced salsa to hip-hop music (yes, you can easily do it, and actually, you can dance salsa to anything because everything music follows the symmetry of 8 beats (have you ever asked why music sheet is based on 8 counts, why chords are based on fourths and why all choreographers when they make up a routine they always count up to 8?). Anyway, because San Francisco salsa congress is coming up, I decided to show this cool clip of Salsa Salvaje performing a hip-hop/salsa style performance - just to switch it up a bit.

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