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Learn to Play Salsa Piano with YouTube

I know it is much more difficult to learn through a YouTube video. However, if youtube salsa videos can help your dancing, I am sure salsa piano videos would help as well for you musicians out there. I get several video responses to our salsa dancing podcast episodes on YouTube. While I do get ads for 'lessons', I did find one in particular that was very interesting especially for people who are very much addicted to salsa and musicians. After finding this and many other videos - I have now made part of my addicted2salsa hobby. Hopefully there are enough salseros that are musicians that like to see these videos.Here is a musician playing with his keyboard with a track of Desnudate Mujer ("Lady, Undress yourself"), by Frankie Ruiz.A youtube user named 'latinpianist' has a youtube series to teach you how to play certain melodies on the piano. This next video shows him how to do a 'Son Montuno' with the piano.

History of Mambo and Salsa - Palladium Era

NJN, a local public television station, hosted a documentary in its 'Imagenes Series' called 'Golden Age of Dance' which goes over the history of Mambo and Salsa during the Palladium Era.

Salsa Dance Basics : Salsa Dancing Hand Juggle

Salsa Dance Basics : Salsa Dancing Hand Juggle

In salsa dancing, there is more than meets the eye. There are a lot of simple hand-tricks that help you perform a simple move, but still make it complicated to the average viewer.

Salsa/Mambo Kid : The Next Generation of Salseros

I know we have all wished that we would have started dancing at an early age. However, I've always felt that anyone with enough passion and determination can reach high feats in salsa dancing. But after watching this video, all I have to say is WOW!.

Take the lead (or follow?)

One of my favorite things to see when I'm out social dancing or watching a performance is a woman who can lead or a guy who can follow. I think there's a bit of pride, maybe a bit of machismo and a bit of apprehension when it comes to changing the traditional lead and follow roles and I think that's really a shame.

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