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Santo Rico Salsa Routine : Clasiqueando

This is one of my FAVORITE videos -- Santo Rico is amazing. I had the pleasure of taking a class with them in NY in August, and remain in total awe of the skill of these dancers.

Salsa Fusion: Descarga Caribe at Flavainvasion

The next video in the salsa fusion series comes from Descarga Caribe of Chicago. This performance was also from the Flava Invasion weekend, and is a combination of salsa and it's closely related cousin: Afro-Cuban dance. I've seen many Afro-Cuban performances, including ones combined with salsa, but this was by far the best one I have ever seen.

The Process of Change-Some Possible Steps

From latinaskin:You will all be surprised what you will learn from a Modern dance class. Currently, I'm taking that class which surprisingly has helped me become more aware and understanding of my movements in dancing salsa as well as life. Anyways I was handed an article, Making Connections, that I would like to share pieces from, regarding the theme of changes one goes through as both a dancer and an individual.

Free Salsa Music: Flute Solo Version

Free Salsa Music: Flute Solo Version

Last, but not least - the third version of the 'salsa track' that I made with Garageband is with a Flute Solo. You can download it here.

Salsa Music : Free Salsa Music Trumpet Solo

Salsa Music : Free Salsa Music Trumpet Solo

After you get a Mac, a lot of fun things happen. I decided to put my compusic (computer+music) skills to some more good use an make a few interesting Salsa tracks with a program called GarageBand. While I was at it, I made three different versions of this salsa dance soundtrack. Here is the first one: an interesting salsa music trumpet solo with some mixed in jazzy piano, cowbell and congas. Let me know what you think and of course - enjoy!

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