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Juan Matos Solo - Lluvia con Nieve

Blazing fast footwork? Quadruple spins? Double back-flips? No- not in this clip. If you haven't clicked 'play' already you are about to witness Juan Matos' exceptionally mature interpretation of Lluvia Con Nieve.

Willie Colon singing Idilio

A great video, from a variety show of Willie Colon band (post Héctor Lavoe) singing a very famous song called Idilio.

Salsa Tip : On the performance of dance teams (pt 1)

Salsa Tip : On the performance of dance teams (pt 1)

First of all, when I mean 'performance', I do not mean it in the performance = choreography way. I mean it in the manner in which or the efficiency with which something reacts or fulfills its intended purpose - in this case dance ability...

Salsa is Universal : China (Mandarina China Band)

Now, the first thing that I like is that the song is sang in Chinese (or Mandarin - come on, I don't know ;-) ). Anyways, I just love hearing salsa songs in different languages because every language is very beautiful when put to music - and even better in salsa because it really brings out the long smooth vocals (compared to other genres with shorter syllables - can't spell). Anyway, it also makes me happy to see that China is getting into the salsa groove and its expanding slowly but surely, which means even more that Salsa is Universal.Here is the band : Mandarina China Band (basically - the Mandarin China Band). I think this song is actually an american romantic song but translated into their langauge. Anyways, two more things I'd like to add is that the backup singer guy with the glasses looks really funny.

Juan Matos On2 Workshop

This is a recap of the Juan Matos workshop at the BG Salsa Fiesta.

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