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I want to advocate self-awareness as a primary step to improving our dancing abilities. We are quick to criticize other people and it's easy for us to judge visual tasks. However, we lack self-perception. It is hard for beginners to dance while looking at the mirror and it is strange to see ourselves on video. Too often we focus on expanding our vocabulary of moves or on improving our spinning technique when some of us don't even have the timing down. Its like putting icing on a hot cake. So here are the issues I would like to discuss:1) In what ways are people not self-aware?

Eddie Torres explains Salsa On2

Thanks to our correspondent Karlos, who sent us this nice video clip of an old Eddie Torres instructional DVD. I get a lot of questions about timing and clave - and of course, the main discussion of dancing On2/On1. Here is a great find, one of the best I've seen, on what it is to dance on clave. This instruction specifically shows you how the 'tumbao' or 'el vacio' hooks into the basic salsa step. Specifically, watch how when those parts of the beat match the parts where Eddie in the video breaks forward and back. Of course, that is all I will say (to reduce the nasty-grams about On2). Anyways, a video is worth ten-thousand words.

Salsa Tag Team : All about teamwork..

If you haven't seen this video, well you are in for a treat. The guys from Salsa y Control (at least one of them) were dancing with Magna at the 2007 DC Salsa Congress. It's pretty impressive because she ends up being lead by both of them at the same time. Now, I've seen this type of thing done before (where they switch off), but this time, it's truly at the same time. This is a good definition of team work because some of these moves are pretty intricate and therefore hard to coordinate with two different styled dancers. Anyways, enjoy!

More Random Stuff : Might Morphin' Salsa Ranger.. [Updated]

More Random Stuff : Might Morphin' Salsa Ranger.. [Updated]

As you know, we ended up going to Los Angeles (2007) West Coast Salsa Congress a couple of weeks ago. To my surprise, I ended up meeting someone that I 'knew' from my childhood. As you can already tell, I used to watch this show called the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - old kid's tv show where these teenagers had special powers to do some ninja butt-kicking. Anyways, to my surprise at the salsa congress - the Black Power Ranger now does salsa! His name is Walter Jones (known as Zack in the MMPR). I got a chance to meet him and talk to him for a bit on the saturday night event.

Salsa Vintage : Our Latin Thing..

I have come to realize that the videos that I have come to enjoy the most are the ones that provide me an emotional connection to the past of salsa. Sometimes I wonder if this is my 'second' life since somehow watching these vintage videos makes me flashback to a time I was never born.

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