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And more Salsa Salvaje from Seattle

Well, its been a while but I found another cool combo that was taught by what is now becoming one of my favorite flavorful salsa styles... Its interesting to note that I really like the combinations and the flow/body motions he performs - even though it doesn't seem to be in sync with the music (maybe a video problem). I think its not about the combo that I like, but the cool footwork and pauses he adds that make the simple moves more interesting...

A look at a cha-cha as well.... (don't want to be biased)

Now, since I showed the bachata clip, I might as well show that Club-Style Cha-Cha is hot as well. Now, a lot of people think of Ballroom style cha-cha - which is very strict and very... well... not as relaxed, but thats 'strictly' ballroom (pun intended). Real club-cha-cha is very tight (a little harder than salsa, but if you know salsa - its easy..). Here is a cool example I'd like to share to break any misconceptions. PS: The song if you are wondering is called "Yo Soy Babalu".

Now for a side-step - a little bachata...

Now, I know this is mainly a salsa site, but after dancing a lot of bachata on Saturday (yes I dance bachata too), I decided to post some cool bachata couples dancing - because I heard a lot of people on the dancefloor say how they don't like bachata... and it reminded me when I was young and ignorant (in saying the same thing). Now, I don't like all bachata songs, but I like the good songs that really make you move and really enjoy your partner.. (ehem...). So, hopefully people find this dancing cool and will cause them to discover bachata as well.

The Salsa Axe Effect

The Salsa Axe Effect

Now, I know this is one of those weird subjects, but I thought I'd share my experience at the salsa night club.

Salsa Technicals : Playing with the music ... Juan Matos

This is a favorite video of mine because it shows of some humor and some cool moves from Juan Matos at the Mardi Gras Mambo II (this is an old video).

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