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Salsa Dancing Steps for Beginners

Salsa Dancing Steps for Beginners

So, here we are again with a simple salsa dancing move for you to mix it in to your other moves. Remember, it is not about having multiple long combos, but about putting smaller ones together in different orders.That will keep your moves fresh and keep the ladies guessing what you will do next. Additionally, for those who are thinking about on2, I make a small note for you to pay attention to the counting rhythm when performing the move. Enjoy!

Salsa Email: What is the best way to take salsa to the next level?

Dear Addicted2Salsa, Love your blog & podcast! So I have a question for you: What is the best way to learn to salsa? I have been dancing salsa for several months now, and mostly Ive just been going to different clubs, and picking up moves from various salsa lessons. I feel like Ive learned the basics, and I know a few combos now, but I still feel pretty nervous about stepping onto the dance floor. So what is the best way to take my salsa to the next level? Private lessons seem pretty pricey, but is that the best bet? Should I invest in salsa videos? Or is the best way to just keeping going out to the clubs? Salsaholic Thanks for writing Addicted2Salsa! I am Julie, the co-host, and had some ideas to share about the salsa learning process.I'm a big believer in moderation. Classes will provide your technique, knowledge of footwork and combos, and maybe correct errors you've developed (if the instructor gives personalized attention). Social dancing trains your ear to the music, enables you to adapt to different followers/leaders, and expands your social network (so you can improve by dancing with better dancers). If you put in the effort, you can improve quite a bit social dancing...but it cannot be a passive process. You have to really listen to the beats of the music, and carefully observe dancers who are better than you to watch their combinations, footwork, technique, and style. If you do all of this, AND take group classes, you will improve. As with everything, frequency will improve you at a much faster rate, so going out four nights per week is better than two, and classes with different instructors helps to see different methods of teaching......

Salsa Dancing 'Titanic' Dance Move

Salsa Dancing 'Titanic' Dance Move

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming! After such a long time we are back with a new season of the video dance podcast!

SantoRico Performs "Gangsta"

Stumbling upon youtube videos again, one of our friends found this great performance by the Santo Rico dance team. I may not have mentioned them in a while, but here is a great find. They are some of the most amazing spinners you will ever see in performances throughout the world. One thing to notice, for us technical dancers, is that the men have a very unique prep that is circular, compared to the 'double-J' prep to lead multiple turns. Regardless, this is a must watch video for us looking for inspiration.

Salsa Pa' Navidad - Christmas with Salsa Music

Salsa Pa' Navidad - Christmas with Salsa Music

Now, this might not really be considered a salsa song, but I was impressed to find a Victor Manuelle as the Free Single of the Week on the (US) iTunes Music store. You can download it for free - Lechn, Lechn, Lechn - Single of the wee

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