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Alma Salsera - Inspiration for all Dancers

We have talked about Alma Salera in the past on how inspiring it is to see anyone dance. This video continues to show us that when there is a will, there is always a way. There is no excuse for anyone not to try salsa dancing. Great performance to the crowd with a unique style of fun salsa flavor.

Can a Sea Lion Find The Salsa Beat?

Do all animals have rhythm? Researchers at University of California Santa Cruz were able to teach a Sea Lion, named Ronan, how to find the beat in popular songs - debunking the myth that only humans enjoy complex musical rhythms.

Can an App Teach You to Salsa Dance?

Can an App Teach You to Salsa Dance?

Can an app teach you how to dance salsa? Check out this video episode of the Canadian TV show called App Central, to see if how it turns out for them.

New Beginner Salsa Videos Added to Pocket Salsa

New Beginner Salsa Videos Added to Pocket Salsa

Two new videos, 'Catwalk' and 'Promenade' are now available in the Beginner section of the Pocket Salsa Library. Our official Addicted2Salsa application for your mobile. These moves are done in both On1 and On2 timing.

El Progreso con Roberto Roena (En Vivo)

This is one of my favorite live performances of this song "El Progreso" (translation "Progress") by Roberto Roena and his Apollo Sound featuring the wonderful voice of Carlos Santos. It is not a traditional song that you'll hear at the nightclub or salsa congress, but it is one of those great salsa songs you can listen to in your down time that contains meaningful lyrics, especially in the fast moving modern times we live in today. The whole album is here:En Vivo Desde Bellas Artes - Roberto Roena & Apollo Sound

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