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El Progreso con Roberto Roena (En Vivo)

This is one of my favorite live performances of this song "El Progreso" (translation "Progress") by Roberto Roena and his Apollo Sound featuring the wonderful voice of Carlos Santos. It is not a traditional song that you'll hear at the nightclub or salsa congress, but it is one of those great salsa songs you can listen to in your down time that contains meaningful lyrics, especially in the fast moving modern times we live in today. The whole album is here:En Vivo Desde Bellas Artes - Roberto Roena & Apollo Sound

Cola Spin Salsa Dance Move

Here is a quick salsa dance move for those who have been waiting for some new salsa dance videos from us and are excited for National Dance Day 2012, but haven't gotten Pocket Salsa yet. We call it the 'Cola Spin' salsa move which comes out of basically a 'coca-cola' like move, with some tai-chi/chuck-norris action into a free spin. Enjoy!

Date Night Salsa Dancing

Date Night Salsa Dancing

Looking on how to entertain on your romantic date night? Pocket Salsa is here to help!Apple has selected us as one of their 'App Store Essentials' for their 'Date Night' category.

Snapalicious Salsa Dance Lesson

Learn salsa dance steps and moves for free! In this salsa dancing lesson we show you how to perform the salsa dance moves we call the 'snapalicious'. For more free salsa dance lessons and salsa dance videos, please visit our website: . You can also follow us on Facebook @ or on YouTube

Disneyland Teacups Salsa Dance Move

This salsa dancing lesson video shows you a move that feels very similar to the Teacups Disneyland ride in Los Angeles, CA. It is a mixture of funky salsa turns that require specific timing in leading to execute it correctly. This combination is part of the salsa dance move that I taught at the 2011 International Amsterdam Salsa Congress. You can now find us on Google+ here:

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