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Forward Travel Salsa Dance Wrap

In episode 88 of Addicted2Salsa Salsa Dance Lesson series, we will teach you a quick intermediate move that we call the Forward Travel Wrap. It is composed of a variation of a salsa cross-body cuddle move for the guys and then performing a short double spin with flicks. If you everhave any questions about salsa dancing, salsa music, or our website, feel free to ask the question on our Facebook page: You can also follow us on Twitter @addicted2salsa.

Aprender a Bailar Salsa - Pasos Avanzados

Pasos avanzados para aprender salsa. Para ms videos de salsa, vayan a Este video de salsa les enseara como bailar los pasos mas avanzados de salsa en estilo de lnea cual es conocido como estilo de salsa de Nueva York or de Puerto Rico. En este episodio les esearemos los pasos de salsa en el conteo de uno que son fciles para principiantes. Esta movida la llamamos el reverse titanic. Facebook: .

Copa Check Salsa Bounce Move

How to salsa dance video episode 89 provides you with a simple intermediate salsa dance move that combines a windmill flare with other basic salsa dance combinations. We call it the Copa Check Bounce salsa dance move.

Learn Advanced Salsa - Lock 'n Load Combo

This salsa dance video lesson we teach you the "Lock and Load" salsa dance combination. It is an advanced move, and therefore we will be teaching it in On2 timing. For more videos, visit

How to know if you dance On1 or On2 in Salsa Dancing

This video will briefly describe the difference between dancing salsa on on1 timing compared to dancing salsa on2 timing. The main difference is on which step do you 'break' when doing the basic salsa dance step. This is one of the most common questions we get, and we decided to answer it in video form. See more videos at

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