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Pasos para Aprender a Bailar Salsa

Nuestro primer video en Espaol: Los pasos para aprender salsa para los principiantes.Este video de salsa les enseara como bailar los pasos de salsa en estilo de lnea cual es conocido como estilo de salsa de "Nueva York" or estilo de salsa de "Puerto Rico". Hay dos maneras de contar el rtmo. El de "en 1" cual es conocido como "L.A Style" y el conteo de dos que es conocido como el conteo puertorriqueo (a.k.a boricua). En este episodio les esearemos los pases de salsa en el conteo de uno que son fciles para principiantes.La cancin al principio es de Salsa Celtica.

More Advanced Salsa Dance Moves

We are now back with a new salsa dance video. For this salsa dancing move, we wanted to challenge ourselves in chaining as many terms as we could together. Later we realized that it wouldn't fit in the video show title. By the way, are you ready for a new season of "So You Think You Can Dance?"

Pocket Salsa now available for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Have a friend or family member that you'd like to give them some salsa lessons? Why not a copy of our salsa dancing video lessons for their mobile device! Now they can watch and learn over 100 salsa dance moves, going from beginner to advanced, where ever they are! This will help them get on that salsa dance floor quickly and with confidence.It makes a great gift for the any occasion!

Convicted of a crime? Get a free salsa concert!

I wouldn't have believed it myself. Only in my home city of Rio Piedras in Puerto Rico, do we give our inmates a free salsa concert with big name celebrities! Bobby Valentn "Returns to Jail" 35th Anniversary special on February 2002 at the "Oro Blanco" (White Gold) penitentiary. The song is called "Mueco de la Ciudad".

London Tries to Break Salsa Dancing World Record

London Tries to Break Salsa Dancing World Record

The folks over at London Salsa at the Latin American Festival tried to rally enough salsa dancing couples to beat the world record for most couples salsa dancing - but couldn't quite make it with just 316 salsa dance couples. The current world record is held by Caracas, Venezuela in October 2006 with 451.

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