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Interview with Salsa Stars : Raymond and Jenalyn

We had the pleasure of watching Raymond (12) and Jenalyn (9) Saraza Pacheco perform and receive a great standing ovation at the Los Angeles Salsa Congress this past May, and wanted to interview them to share their story. Raymond and Jenalyn currently dance with Latin Energy dance company and have been taught by instructor Vanessa Stay. Watch them dance and read their amazing story!

Violin Salsa : Hacha y Machete with Alfredo de la Fé

Inspired by the Violin Solo that I created with GarageBand a few months ago, a Addicted2Salsa Facebook fan asked if I could recommend a good salsa dancing song that contain a good violin section. And of course, I remember the West Coast Salsa Congress when the group Hacha y Machete (Victor and Burju) performed the song "Hacha y Machete" with Alfredo De La F, a famous violinist. I decided to post it here so that everyone could enjoy it as well.

Dí­a Nacional de la Salsa en Puerto Rico 2010

For those who may not know, March 21st 2010, is National Day for Salsa in my home country of Puerto Rico. Every year they are honoring Johnny Ortiz, and they have an amazing lineup of artists including Ray de la Paz, Gilberto Santa Rosa and the famous El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.If you'd like to listen to the live and official salsa radio station of Puerto Rico, check out . This is a great way to listen to salsa music especially if you are in an area where there are no salsa radio stations : RadioThank you to for recording videos and taking photos:

World Salsa Championships 2009 Dance Videos

If you were interested in finding out about the results and dance performances that took place in December in regards to the 2009 Salsa World Championships, look no further. The great folks at ilivesalsa have made a good compilation page of all the salsa performance videos of the event so that you can watch them at your leisure.

New FANIA Records Website : Salsa Music Remastered!

New FANIA Records Website : Salsa Music Remastered!

For a few months now, the FANIA Records salsa music website had been down with a 'Coming Soon in Fall of 2009' text. Today, a brand new website has flourished to show salsa music in all of its glory!

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