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El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico live @ The Salsa Congress Puerto Rico

Well, here is my favorite salsa band.. and if you haven't known from the million of times I've mentioned them - they are El Gran Combo the Puerto Rico. This is probably one of the best videos I've seen of the band, specifically with the good sound quality.

Basic Salsa Steps Table : Map On1 to On2 timing steps

Here is a useful table to help convert dancing salsa dancing On1 timing to On2 timing and its variants.

Salsa Clip : Thomas Guerrero combination

This is the instructor Thomas Guerrero, of Santo Rico Dance, showcasing some moves he taught at his workshop in UK.

MIT Casino Rueda Group at Ryles in Boston

So, what do you get when you combine some of the smartest people in the nation (MIT - is a univeristy that is #1 in the US) and salsa casino rueda? Well, you might be surprised! Its funny how most of the great salsa dancers that I know are engineers.I may not be a big fan of salsa rueda (mainly because I like my alone one-on-one time with the lady), but it fun in a group environment. Its kind of like salsa speeding dating/dancing.

Salsa Tip #55 : In case of emergency, break-out the iPod...

Oh yes, you know I couldn't pass up a story about iPods. Well, this is a pretty straightforward tip, which most of you know, and probably already do, but others haven't really though of. If you haven't gotten one already, you are missing out - big time. This little handy device is perfect for any salsero. It can have all of your music that you love to listen to and practice as you walk to class, work, or sit in front of the computer.

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