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Salsa Music Video Classic : Ban Ban Quere

Some of your forget that salsa has been around for decades! Here is another old classic salsa video I found with one of my favorite Ray Barretto Songs.

The Song Used in Original Addicted2Salsa Salsa Dance Videos

The song used in some of the original addicted2salsa salsa dance videos is called "El Negro Bembon". The salsa version of the song was made popular by the singer Ismael Rivera and available on iTunes. Here is the very original song used before they modernized it to salsa.

Music Review - Bag Pipes + Salsa = Magic!

So, its been a while, but since I now have finally (some) money and time - I wanted to start my favorite section: The Music Review. So, it used to be that every month I would showcase my favorite band of the month - but due to me writing my thesis, moving to San Diego and lots of other stuff - I had slipped. But nevertheless, its back with my first review of one of my new favorite bands: Salsa Celtica. Now this is some 'FRESH' salsa. (It was a joke good setup, so I had to try).

One of my favorite salsa dance videos....

Here is one of my favorite instructors, Milton Cobo, from North Carolina. He is one of the smoothest salsa dancers I've met and has a unique cross-body lead style that is very popular

Olivia Dasso & Juan Matos

Another great clip from two famous dancers: Olivia and Juan Matos. Its interesting to note that they both shares similar dancing styles and body-movements... hmm... I wonder why?

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