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Jennifer Lopez on the Tonight Show about 'El Cantante'

Jennifer Lopez on the Tonight Show about 'El Cantante'

Well, just finished watching the interview by Jay Leno on the Tonight Show to Jennifer Lopez about the movie 'El Cantante'. She ends up speaking more about the movie. I guess the entire movie is told through Puchi's eyes, Hector Lavoe's wife. Now, I am impressed that she is on Leno doing a plug for the movie - which means it will be shown in most theaters. However, with that said, they showed a new clip of the movie, and well, to be truthful, the prospects are not looking good as far as storyline and character development.

Salsa Musique Fantastique!

Salsa Musique Fantastique!

Well, in this episode of our salsa dance video lessons we take a further look some old salsa classics thanks to Karlos (aka 'Z'). We provide a little more jazzy selection for your enjoyment, so you can discover a variety of different salsa artists and styles. You might not like all the songs, but hopefully you'll find some treasures that will make you want to get to know a specific artist a little deeper.

The most viewed salsa dance video on YouTube

Playing around with YouTube (like always), I decided to search for salsa videos. Now, this time it was interesting because I was lazy and ended up typing just 'salsa' in the search box. Then, after getting some results, I asked myself: What is the most viewed salsa video on youtube. Well it was quickly answered, a video named "". Salsa 21? What is that. After clicking on it, I was very proud to know that it is one of San Diego's finest instructor, dancer and professional DJ : Mr. Iran Castillo. In this video, he shows you a quick and simple 'Son y Pasos' style pattern for you to use at the club. With more than 675,000 views, I present once again, Iran from the San Diego dance group 'Son y Pasos'.


I want to advocate self-awareness as a primary step to improving our dancing abilities. We are quick to criticize other people and it's easy for us to judge visual tasks. However, we lack self-perception. It is hard for beginners to dance while looking at the mirror and it is strange to see ourselves on video. Too often we focus on expanding our vocabulary of moves or on improving our spinning technique when some of us don't even have the timing down. Its like putting icing on a hot cake. So here are the issues I would like to discuss:1) In what ways are people not self-aware?

Eddie Torres explains Salsa On2

Thanks to our correspondent Karlos, who sent us this nice video clip of an old Eddie Torres instructional DVD. I get a lot of questions about timing and clave - and of course, the main discussion of dancing On2/On1. Here is a great find, one of the best I've seen, on what it is to dance on clave. This instruction specifically shows you how the 'tumbao' or 'el vacio' hooks into the basic salsa step. Specifically, watch how when those parts of the beat match the parts where Eddie in the video breaks forward and back. Of course, that is all I will say (to reduce the nasty-grams about On2). Anyways, a video is worth ten-thousand words.

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