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Aires de Navidad - The Smell of Christmas..

So, Christmas is around the corner... so I am feeling in a more "Navidad" spirit. I'm not sure if I'm mentioned this before, but I remember when I first got hooked on salsa - I mean, the music. I was working at a retail store where the manager (one of the very best managers I've known) use to love salsa - I mean, he was the first real salsa addict I met. And when working during Christmas ("Navidad" for those Spanish speakers), instead of playing the regular "American Christmas Carol" music, he used to play Plenas, Bombas and Salsas. I guess its one of my favorite memories because being in the store gave it a more Puerto Rican feel to it than any of the other stores in the mall (and this was Babbage's, and electronics/videogame store - now called Gamestop). I actually think that because we played this type of music, more people were willing to come in to our store (or attracted more people) compared to our competitor at the time that was in the other side of the mall. Anyway, he used to play the Hector Lavoe "Navidad" CD (thats what I call it). Lots of good stuff on it - so here is a nice video of Hector Lavoe singing "Aires de Navidad" which means "The Smell of Christmas"

Salsa Technicals : Lessons do not trump learning at the club...

Salsa Technicals : Lessons do not trump learning at the club...

So I am going to the studio more often (almost on a daily basis).. and I've been noticing that a lot of the students that take either group lessons (and primarily) take private lessons - I never see them at the club. I found this very disturbing....

Salsa Dance Technicals : The Yin and Yang in Salsa Dance

There is something to be said about social dancing. It is a different type of dancing compared to performing - (of course you'll say thats a given). But sometimes, some people forget that. In my case as a leader, its my job to 'entertain' and 'play' with the lady - as well as make her look good. However, what should I be expecting from the lady? Mainly to show me that she's having fun - that gives me the reward that all my hardwork (doing the combos, being smooth, keeping timing, footwork, smiling..etc) is paying off. However, for some dancers, I feel this simple concept is lost.

Salsa Technicals : Multiple spinning and fluid turning

Well, as you probably know, I'm more of a social dancer than a performer. Not that I don't like performing, but I think most of the 'magic' in salsa happens on the dancefloor when you are social dancing and playing with your partner. This is two dancers playing with the music and having fun in Melody Santorico. Now, I'd like you to pay attention at the spinners (and even the guys spinning) how they are very fluid and effortless. When dancing with a good spinner, they will handle their own balance and control. All the guy has to do is put in the extra little effort to 'continue' the momentum that was started in their first turn. When doing multiple spins with the lady, there are two main important things to make those spins work: the prep, and the first spin. If either of those is not done right, spinning multiple times will be a disaster (unless you have a magical follower or lead that can recover very well).

Salsamania 2005 - SF Team Division performance

This is another great group of salseros from the Bay Area called Salsamania (not mania, but pronounced ma-ni-a, with accent on the 'ni'). I really like their speed and their song choice. I took a class one time from John from this group - and while he was strict, he really made sure you understood the combination because he forced the guys to follow - to really understand what the ladies should be feeling, and how we should be leading. This was the salsa congress contest for team division in 2005:

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