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Hector Lavoe 'El Cantante' Trailer - (sperad the word!)

As you all know, I am a HUGE Hector Lavoe fan. With that said, after seeing this trailer for the movie "El Cantante" which is about the life of Hector Lavoe and listening to the music, hearing Marc Anthony sing, and having a rush of memories come back to me.. I literally got shivers and goosebumps. I'm really looking forward for this film. I hope it will unite the salsa community and bring salsa back into the mainstream so others can enjoy it. Marc Anthony stars as salsa legend, Hector Lavoe, alongside real-life wife Jennifer Lopez as "Puchi" (Hector's Wife). Official Website for El Cantante Movie [Hi Quality Trailer]

Salsa New Years Eve Party @ Palm Springs!

Well I finally got back from my salsa vacation! Palm Springs was a lot of fun on New Years Eve (and Day) with all the dancing, champagne and more dancing. It was a blast to start the year dancing (haven't had that luxury in the years before). Anyways, here is quick video of Tomoko and myself dancing at the event (trust me it was a packed event!!).

Salsa Battle Royale : France vs. Italy

Found this funny clip on salsa battling in a boxing ring. I like some of the dancing, but I wish they'd show more on how they actually keep score and what happens when a person gets K.O.ed. :-)

The Key Ingredients to Smooth Salsa Dance Spins

The Key Ingredients to Smooth Salsa Dance Spins

What makes salsa dancing so great for the ladies? Is it the beautiful styling which includes beautiful arms, isolations, and body rolls? Yes, styling is fun to do but that also can be found in many dances such as tango, flamenco, jazz. Can it be the ability to spin endlessly? The answer is yes. The great quality of dancing in salsa is doing multiple spins. This may be an opinionated answer, but there are many great female dancers which capture how spins can be one of the best aspects of salsa dancing. Here we will provide a few tips on how to improve your spins.

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