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Salsa Battle Royale : France vs. Italy

Found this funny clip on salsa battling in a boxing ring. I like some of the dancing, but I wish they'd show more on how they actually keep score and what happens when a person gets K.O.ed. :-)

The Key Ingredients to Smooth Salsa Dance Spins

The Key Ingredients to Smooth Salsa Dance Spins

What makes salsa dancing so great for the ladies? Is it the beautiful styling which includes beautiful arms, isolations, and body rolls? Yes, styling is fun to do but that also can be found in many dances such as tango, flamenco, jazz. Can it be the ability to spin endlessly? The answer is yes. The great quality of dancing in salsa is doing multiple spins. This may be an opinionated answer, but there are many great female dancers which capture how spins can be one of the best aspects of salsa dancing. Here we will provide a few tips on how to improve your spins.

2006 Casino Rueda Competition Champions

While, I'm not a big fan of dancing Rueda - not that its bad, I just like giving one lady my full attending during a dance - it is pretty fun to watch. Rueda is more of a group event where everyone has fun because you end up switching partners frequently while someone decides the move to call-out. From a competition/performance perspective it is also amazing to watch because its really a formation-change based performance, and if you ever tried choreographing anything in salsa with more than 5 couples dancing - it is very hard to keep everyone synchronized. When you watch this video, keep in mind that they are moving around the floor, doing complicated formation changes while still being in sync with one another - thats the real beautiful part. Here is the 2006 Rueda champions performed in the heat stages of the Bailar Casino Competition in awesome fashion, led by Yanek!

My Favorite Things (salsa) - The New Swing Sextext.

Well, I became impressed with this band when I went to the San Francisco salsa congress and realized that a lot of the nice smooth, symphonic salsa songs that I liked were actually done by them. This is group is called The New Swing Sextet, which might seem like the name of a swing band, but trust me, its more salsa than swing. The songs are smooth and with the nice additional salsa beats. The video is not much about watching people dancing, but about listening to the sextet perform one of my favorite "The Sound of Music" songs "My Favorite Things" as a salsa version. But, while I'm at it, the guy dancing in this video - for those beginners, notice that all he does are very simple moves very, very smoothly, which makes him seem like an awesome dancer. Remember, its not about complexity, but effortless and smoothness in execution.

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So, this is just a start, but I have finally taken time to update the Latest Videoclips section. Anyone can add new videoclips they like (salsa related) to the list to keep it recent and view them on this page (without having to go between YouTube pages). Sorry, but I currently only support YouTube - its 1:30am and I still have to go to work tomorrow.... anyways, enjoy!

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