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The Salsa Axe Effect

The Salsa Axe Effect

Now, I know this is one of those weird subjects, but I thought I'd share my experience at the salsa night club.

Salsa Technicals : Playing with the music ... Juan Matos

This is a favorite video of mine because it shows of some humor and some cool moves from Juan Matos at the Mardi Gras Mambo II (this is an old video).

Hector and Tito Puente... (yes, and another video..)

Now, I know what you are saying... 'another Hector Lavoe video???'. Well,... I really don't care.. ;-) The only thing more exciting than listening to Hector Lavoe's music are dancing with ladies who can do multiple spins on a dime. (cough..cough.. I'm single.. ).

Tito Puente is simply amazing

Video of Tito Puente while he was recording his guest timbale solo used in the song "El Sabroso Son" by Orquesta La Palabra . The recording was made at the age of 76.

Mario B - Salsa Instructor

Another great instructor that knows how to have fun in the dance floor and teaching. Also, he shows you that no matter how tall you are, you can be incredibly fast with proper technique.

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