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Frankie Martinez - another perspective (literally)

I'd like to thank Patrick for submitting this video. Even though it was taken in a nightshot fashion, the perspective is very good so you can see the footwork style of Frankie Martinez dancing salsa. Its good to note that his fast/slippery footwork does not affect his height or his lead.

Majesty in Motion 'Suenalo' Performance...

Here is the video of the 'Suenalo' performance for the pre-thanksgiving event/party at the Lafayette Hotel. This routine was worked on for around 3-4 months and choreographed by David Stein from Majesty in Motion. Performers are from back row to front, left to right: Javier and Erica, Alex and Sydel, Ben and Tomoko, (then in front) Dan and Genny and Anthony Persaud (me) and Lily. Enjoy and happy thanksgiving!

Troy and Iran dancing together...

Well, since I had posted a previous video of two girls dancing... I was asked to see if I could find a cool video of two guys dancing. While I couldn't find a video of Jayson Molina dancing with another guy - I got the next best thing - Troy and Iran. I think its pretty good and fun to share. And for those who are wondering - no there is no shame in dancing with another guy. :-)

Some cool freestyle footwork moves (improv)...

This is a pretty cool video clip of Griselle, Yesenia, Cesar, and Junior doing some neat footwork freestyle moves for the students at a workshop they were giving. It seemed like it was a last minute thing but, it still looks great and fun to watch. You might want to lower the volume due to screaming... hahah

Performance at the First Salsa Congress ever!

As you can see in this video - its an old video. It is from the first ever salsa congress in history. The first salsa congress took place in the home of salsa : Puerto Rico (around 2000). Here is Franklin Diaz and Yesenia Peralta performing one of the favorite routines of the show. She is considered to be the "JLo of Salsa" - (Jennifer Lopez = JLo).

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