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Salsa Tip: Try not to overwax the dance floor...

Salsa Tip: Try not to overwax the dance floor...

Now, we all love salsa nightclubs and events where they actually have a really nice wooden dance floor to dance on. Don't get me wrong - I give the club owners a lot of credit of giving us that pleasure. However, I went to a club last night, and they had one of those rented wooden dance floor...

Salsa dancing in India

A preview from an instructor named Troy,, who took video of salsa dancing in India.

Salsa Technicals : Playing with the music ... Frankie Martinez

Now, there are a lot of Frankie Martinez videos out there. Some of them are when he's doing a performance for a large group (and you can notice the.... interesting... outfits). However, I like this video because you can see him play with the beats of the song using his style of dance. No (interesting) outfits to distract you from the important part - which is the dance and footwork....

You know your are addicted to salsa if.....

I went ahead and compiled the entire list that was in the forums .... that way everyone gets a chance to read it.. enjoy and add yours:

On2 in a Month : The final chapter... todo tiene su final.

As you know, I started this program on Sept 1st, mainly to fix all the mistakes I felt I kept making. I felt I was not up to par with what I could be. I had gone to the Palm Springs salsa congress, and of course, realized that to dance with the best dancers, I had to dance on2. Not really sure why I they all danced On2, but I just knew it had to be done to play by their rules. Even though I usually have a problem with authority and rules, I decided I would be up for the challenge and make sure I became a better On2 dancer before the San Francisco salsa congress.

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