World Salsa Championship 2007 Results - All Divisions

For those who did not attend this year - the World Salsa Championships were held in Orlando, Florida this year. Here are the results (very similar to last year - however with some new folks). For the latest scores for all divisions see 'Other sources' below.Thanks to masterby for the videos on youtube:Oliver and Luda 1st Place On2 Division and Anya - Semi Final On2 Division (New York) and Emily 3rd Place On2 Division and Liz from Salsamania 4th Place On2 Division and Judy (Cali, Columbia) 1st Place Cabaret Division sources: SalsaCrazy , World Championships 2007[Updated] I had made a mistake and posted the old scores because the World Championship Website was outdated… will post full scores later. Until then, check out the scores at salsacrazy.