World Salsa Championships 2006 - On2 Division

These videos are amazing. First Junior and Emily (2nd Place): The most difficult part about this routine (for those who might not know how hard it is to do this) is the fact that you have blazing fast spins, with constant spinning and the HAND CHANGES! Thats what gets to me. You'll see Junior leave contact with Emily, and then pickup her hand while she's spinning again.. and he'll do that multiple times. Simply Amazing! Now, for the 1st place couple! Oh MY! All the way from downunder - (Salsa is alive and well in Australia!) - here is Oliver Pineda & Luda Kroiter performing probably the smoothest, most clean, and seemless (hand and pattern chagnes are not noticeable) out of the bunch. While everything looks simple, trust me, to get it to that perfection (and especially the turning behind the back in the end) that is DIFFICULT!