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The Cure (La Cura) by Frankie Ruiz - Lyrics

Considers one of the great salsa singers of the 80's and 90s, while battling with AIDS throughout his life. But, even though the inspiration could have come from that, he's more of a romantic guy - so he probably is talking about the love of his life. My favorite lyrics are: 'La cura resulta mas mala que la enfermedad', which roughly translates to English as 'The remedy ends up being worse than the illness'.

Flavainvasion I - Randi & Jason

This is a cool video I found of people dancing at Flavainvasion - a couple by the name of Randi & Jason dancing at a the event. The next event (Flavainvasion II) will be hosted Feb 23 - 25 2007 in Atlanta , GA.

Junior and Emily in 'Lord of the Spin'

Ok, now these are the cream of the crop of dancers. These are the famous Junior and Emily salsa dancers. This brother and sister duo are the winners on 2 of the 4th annual San Francisco International Salsa Competition in 2005. There is nothing more attractive than a dancer who can do multiple spins on a dime.

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico live @ The Salsa Congress Puerto Rico

Well, here is my favorite salsa band.. and if you haven't known from the million of times I've mentioned them - they are El Gran Combo the Puerto Rico. This is probably one of the best videos I've seen of the band, specifically with the good sound quality.

Salsa Clip : Thomas Guerrero combination

This is the instructor Thomas Guerrero, of Santo Rico Dance, showcasing some moves he taught at his workshop in UK.

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