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Hector Lavoe 'El Cantante' Trailer - (sperad the word!)

As you all know, I am a HUGE Hector Lavoe fan. With that said, after seeing this trailer for the movie "El Cantante" which is about the life of Hector Lavoe and listening to the music, hearing Marc Anthony sing, and having a rush of memories come back to me.. I literally got shivers and goosebumps. I'm really looking forward for this film. I hope it will unite the salsa community and bring salsa back into the mainstream so others can enjoy it. Marc Anthony stars as salsa legend, Hector Lavoe, alongside real-life wife Jennifer Lopez as "Puchi" (Hector's Wife). Official Website for El Cantante Movie [Hi Quality Trailer]

The magic of the music from Hector Lavoe

Well, since I posted a "El Gran Combo" (my favorite band) video before, I decided to post one of my favorite songs from my favorite artist: "Hector Lavoe". Here he is singing one of my VERY favorite songs (ever) called "Alejate De Mi" - which means "Move away from me", "Stay away from me", or "Get away from me". Now, I'm probably a big sucker for old videos (the golden age of salsa), but I just love how they sound, and how they dressed - wishing I lived through those times. I specifically like this song very much because of the good timing for dance, mixture of descarga, solos and vocals - and especially lyrics. This is such a classic and it has the feel of a good classic salsa song - (not those modern sounding ones). Of course, Hector's voice just makes this song even greater with his own voice and improvisations (called 'descargas'). (iTunes). This is just a short clip of the whole song, but I recommend listening to the whole thing, and hopefully you'll see the magic of good lyrics, good rhythms, vocals, solos and descargas. Here is the full song for your enjoyment!

Salsa Music : The Classic Salsa Dance Songs

Salsa Music : The Classic Salsa Dance Songs

So, I have decided to change things up a bit. This is our first audio / music podcast episode.

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