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Salsa Recording at the Studio with Eddie Palmieri

Ever wonder how they record those awesome salsa tracks? Well, I got just the video for you. I found this neat video on YouTube which is basically Eddie Palmieri (a great salsa musician) recording one of his hits in the studio. I think its amazing to see how every different piece of a song (the drummer, the trumpeter , and the pianist) are all placed in different locations, with separate soundtracks (in headphones) and yet somehow, everything comes together (or maybe the headphones are for another reason - I'm no up and coming artist.. :-) ).

Instrumentation solos upclose - Larry Harlow

Now, I know some of you are probably still working on what are great salsa musicians (so that you can know what to buy). Well, here is another great classic artist that has carved his name in the salsa annals. This is the famous Larry Harlow (known as "EL Judio Maravilloso" or the "Jewish Marvel"). The main reason I like this video is that it gives you a different perspective on instrumentation solos. The videographer got real upclose to every instrument performing a solo. One of my favorite ones is seeing Larry Harlow's hands on that keyboard. Its amazing how he makes playing those rhythmz and keys so effortless.

Another great percussion solo : Mongo Santamaria

Well, Orion from the forums posted this video of Mongo Santamaria doing a precussion solo - and I just had to put it on the frontpage. Another great vintage video. The end part of the video talks about the african tribes, and how a new chief would would ask his expert craftsman to make an great instrument whose excellence would recognize the new Chief's greatness. Another interesting fact noted in the video (according to it), Elephant ears were used as the covering of the drum.

Body movement to music - Fogarate Style

So, browsing through videos, I found this old Juan Matos and the Fogarate Dance Company performance at the UK Salsa Congress in 2004. Even if its an old routine, its just amazing to watch how there is hardly any partnerwork, yet its amazing to see all the footwork, styling and the DETAILED body movement that is put into every step. Well, enough talk - just watch the details in the movements to the music. They may be minute in some places, but sometimes, less is more... The song is good to start the weekend!

Salsa Fashion - What I wear for a night at the club...

Salsa Fashion - What I wear for a night at the club...

Its an age-old question... what should we wear for salsa? Well, compared to ballroom dancers (where for some reason the trend has been to wear mostly black - as in a funeral), Salsa is more casual. You can pretty much wear anything. With that said, I have been asked this question various times - on what do I wear to go out salsa dancing. We've talked about shoes, we've talked about body-spray... well, lets talk about some fashion.

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