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Showcasing the Best of Iowa - SalsaIowa Professional Team

Well, now to showcase some of the best talent that the state of Iowa has, here is the SalsaIowa Professional Dance Team ( performance at the Governor's Inaugural Ball 2007. Its good to see how the talent in Iowa has grown. They will be celebrating their 7th anniversary of their dance company. The choreographers are Ruben and Dawn (directors of the professional team), with Josh Davis and Melanie Rivera. I'm not sure the names of the last couple so hopefully someone can submit them too. You can find more info at the website: .

Salsamania - 2006 3rd Place Team Division

Again, I do not know why they received 3rd place (can't find the 2nd and 1st place videos), but this choreography is amazing. Look at the the hand and leg gestures during the song and how elegantly it is performed. This is salsamania from San Francisco - and as you can tell, they are known for their complicated patterns and EXTREMELY fast footwork. The men's footwork to the speed of the song is crazy (its really really fast). :-)

World Salsa Championships 2006 - On2 Division

These videos are amazing. First Junior and Emily (2nd Place): The most difficult part about this routine (for those who might not know how hard it is to do this) is the fact that you have blazing fast spins, with constant spinning and the HAND CHANGES! Thats what gets to me. You'll see Junior leave contact with Emily, and then pickup her hand while she's spinning again.. and he'll do that multiple times. Simply Amazing!

Happy New Year's Eve Party in 1979 Hector and Willie!

Well, we have started the New Year, and I decided to share another "oldie-but-goodie" video from back in the day when Salsa was very popular. This video was the New Years Eve Party in 1979 (so basically for 1980) where Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe were singing us off to the New Year. It was broadcast throughout all the televisions in Puerto Rico. Kind of fun to watch and see how they used to do it.

Hector Lavoe 'El Cantante' Trailer - (sperad the word!)

As you all know, I am a HUGE Hector Lavoe fan. With that said, after seeing this trailer for the movie "El Cantante" which is about the life of Hector Lavoe and listening to the music, hearing Marc Anthony sing, and having a rush of memories come back to me.. I literally got shivers and goosebumps. I'm really looking forward for this film. I hope it will unite the salsa community and bring salsa back into the mainstream so others can enjoy it. Marc Anthony stars as salsa legend, Hector Lavoe, alongside real-life wife Jennifer Lopez as "Puchi" (Hector's Wife). Official Website for El Cantante Movie [Hi Quality Trailer]

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