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Salsa Dancing : How it changed your life.

So, there I was. Standing in line on a Chipotle and some teenagers start talking about how they are going to a movie this Friday night. They way they conversed with each other about the movie hinted to the fact that they were not too enthusiastic about it. Then I started thinking.... when was the last time I actually went to a movie theater?It used to be that Fridays and Saturday nights were movie night in my life until salsa came along. Now, salsa is almost every night. That lead me to think - what else have I stopped doing because of salsa? I reduced my drinking (not that I drank that much anyways). I stopped eating as much, since I have to fit into my 1MX shirts. I stopped working longer hours (note the 'er' - now I just work long hours :-) ). I stopped going to theme parks. I reduced the number of books I read. I cook less often. I stopped playing other sports (not even Magic The Gathering if you call that a sport). I stopped listening to almost all non-salsa music. Funny - I used to be a huge fan of OASIS, Gipsy Kings, and Eros Ramazzotti (and other alternative music). While I might listen to a song here and there - it is not as it used to be. I think the biggest change was the fact that I decided not to pursue another 4 years of PhD work. I realized I was not passionate about what I was doing. Life is too short not to do what you love. So what have I started doing? Well, this is a much longer list which I will not get into here - but it includes . Who would have thought I'd still be doing this website even after I left Iowa. It is amazing how things change. Fate has it - that I am now an interface designer for the company I work for. However, I would not have thought about this profession if it wasn't for my desire to create a good salsa website for the community. I was not hired because of addicted2salsa, but because of the skills that I acquired because of it. I had so much passion for salsa and this website, that I forced myself to learn how to do things (countless hours on the monitor) to make my idea come true. If you saw the original version of the salsa website - you'd probably laugh. If it wasn't for salsa, I would have not built the website, I would not have learned that I had a passion for design, and would have been stuck being a network security (cyber forensics) engineer. Therefore I can definitely say that salsa has changed my career path implicitly. Now, do not get me wrong, I do not regret not doing such things that I mentioned above. It is just interesting to see how one's own lifestyle changes because of an 'addiction' to something called 'salsa'. After waking up from my mental diversion and ordering my carnitas burrito, I started to wonder - how has salsa changed other people lives. The people we date. The people we associate with. The way we dress. Our confidence. Our communication skills. Our health. Our families. Salsa, in some cases, seems like both a gift and a curse. It is amazing how something so simple as salsa affects the outcome of our lives and binds us to a totally different destiny that we might not have otherwise looked at. And if life is about the journey, and not the destination then how do you think salsa has affected your ride ?

Salsa Technicals: Simplicity in Movement

Again, the master of movement. Now, this video was submitted in the videoclips section - and usually I don't post information about it here, unless its important. You can see how easily he moves through all the SIMPLE patterns. I had received an email 2 days ago about a guy just starting to learn salsa and wanting to do complicated patterns (Mayan style) in order to show people that he knew how to salsa. But the fact is - it is NOT about complicated patterns - it is about being a good dancer. What do I mean by a good dancer? Let me reiterate for the 1000 time:- Be smooth in your motions. Better to do a simple pattern well, than a complicated one horribly.- Take good care of your follow. She must get through the pattern before you do.- Let your pattern have fun. The more the follow has fun, the more you will be looked at as a great dancer.- Add flavor to your step. Adding simple body motions and arm styling helps show that you are comfortable with what you are doing and can really shake it (in a smooth way).- Ladies love to spin. Be a good lead to help them perform double and triple turns. Spin, spin, spin - smoothly.

Salsa DayDream Dancing....

Salsa DayDream Dancing....

It is very interesting to what happens to a newly enamored salsa dancer. One ends up thinking about salsa so much, that you end up daydream dancing. I'm not really sure if that is what its called, but that is what I will be calling it...

Salsa Technicals: The Masters of Body Movement

Another great piece by Hacha y Machete. These are again some of my favorite dancers in the world salsa scene. They are Victor and Bruju (you've probably seen them in many videos that I post). They are here performing their famous salsa piece entitled "Silencio" which means 'Silence'. Now, its not completely salsa music, but it has a great beat to it - and just the control, precision and fluidity of body movement is amazing to watch. Sad thing is that the actual performance is much longer - and some how the poster of this video cut out some of the other great parts. Great way to feel a friday. Thanks, Patrick for the submission! UPDATED: Not the full set of performers, but the longer version. Thanks Alina!

Pinocchio learns Cha-Cha - Funny Routine

I like themed routines. I found this routine on youtube about how Pinocchio learns how to move is (wooden) legs and dance a little cha-cha. Now I would have assumed that Pinocchio would be more clumsy than in the video ( :-) ) - but regardless, the dancer is very precise and controlled even though he has to switch between being clumsy and smooth in various parts. Great routine.

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