How do you know if she's faking it on the dance floor?

You are leading her through your best turn patterns, you seem to have a great connection, and she is smiling and laughing. That means she's having a great time right? But then how do we reconcile these comments... (taken from our discussion board) "When a guy makes a mistake I try to smile to give him encouragement." "I always smile, even when the guy isn't very fun to dance with. You never know what other guys are watching..." "Sometimes when a guy doesn't lead me correctly I laugh it off - it's best to have a sense of humor about our mistakes, right?" Now you might be saying:"AAAAhhhhhh but wait! I thought that smiling and laughing meant that my combos made her happy and she liked them and mean to tell me she's been FAKING IT??"While we are sure all of our visitors are great dancers, it is understood that we all should be polite to all dancer levels (beginners - advanced) in the salsa scene. However, to provide you with a more clear perspective on your performance, here are some surefire ways to tell that a follow really enjoys dancing with you whether it's for your combos, or just because she enjoys floor time with you, and isn't just pretending to have fun: